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While Rotterdam is considered as a modern sceneric international city, there is a clear division between north and south , due to the focus of the development projects on the north and considering south as a part of the city which serves north. Meanwhile, the development projects on the south has not been at the same paste with the north parts. A noticeable amount of this projects can be considered as a thread to the neighbourhoods, since they will result in gentrification. 

Tarwewijk, is one of the neighbourhood of Rotterdam south,  was built around 1930 to house the working class.Like the rest of the southern part of Rotterdam, Tarwewijk  has been facing many problems during the time, including high range of crime and lack of suitable housing stuck. The recent development programs focused on increasing safety,  and renovation of the houses, which where successful in tackling many issues. However, there is still many opportunities to improve the  lives of it’s inhabitants. 

Since there has been different projects going on in this neighborhood, I definitely need the help and knowledge of the professionals, who has been researching, analyzing and developing Tarwewjk. Besides that, I believe, the experience of the inhabitants has a significant value. Therefore, I Kindly ask all of you to think about the best possible future of this neighborhood, and help me to achieve a fair design, considering all the different comments and suggestions.

I am Looking forward to hearing your interesting comments and ideas !

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My name is Kimia, and I’m a master student of urbanism at TU Delft. For my thesis project, I am cooperating with the Veld Academy, on achieving Socio-Spatial justice in Rotterdam south (focusing on Tarwewijk), Which means fair and equal access to urban resources and space, for every one.

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